We are a Nonprofit Animal Rescue organization with big purpose!!  Our team is dedicated to rescuing Pomeranians and other small breed dogs.  We nurture their minds, bodies, and souls until the perfect, furever home is found for each and every one.  We do this simply for the love of the breed.  We are 100% volunteer based and receive no funding from the government.  All of our dogs are placed in loving foster homes...we do not maintain a shelter environment.


Pawsitively Pom Rescue goes above and beyond for each and every animal in our care.  In fact, we are known for the quality of care we provide.  We do not use low-cost clinics and are often visiting veterinary specialists hours away from our homes.  All of our dogs can be followed on our Facebook page from the moment they come into our care until the day they are adopted...and often afterwards.


We believe that every Pomeranian and adopter deserves a wonderful companion(s) and have adopted a thorough process to match the right dog for the right home.  Our goal is not to move as many animals as possible, but to provide the very best of care and find our Poms the very best of homes.


PPR is comprised solely of dedicated volunteers who are committed to the rescue of neglected, abused, and unwanted Pomeranians and other small breed dogs at risk of euthanasia and homelessness throughout the country.  We provide immediate transport and veterinary care while providing safe and nurturing foster homes where these dogs can heal, both mentally and physically, until permanent homes are found through our adoption screening process.  We also promote the importance of proper care, consistent vaccinations, and spaying and neutering of domesticated animals.


Pawsitively Pom Rescue Inc. was  incorporated  as a non-profit corporation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on August 12, 2013.  During the initial meeting of the Board of Directors, the  By-Laws  and  Conflict of Interest Statement  were adopted.    Articles of Amendment  were filed and approved on September 20, 2013, and Pawsitively Pom Rescue was recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) entity on May 30, 2014.


Pawsitively Pom Rescue Inc.  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization.